conTemporary Monastery 1-9 February 2020

Seeking invaluable participants for this experiment in non faith convental/ monastic living – with working title


Just nine days –  no vows nor faith required.

An incubation time to discuss and cherry pick how a non faith monastery might function; albeit it pops up once, twice or more times per year.

We invite women and men of sound minds to live in half silence, eat well, do some garden work, get rest and every second day tease out what works – what doesn’t.

Not seeking like-minded – but folk from different walks of life ideally with reasonable levels of self awareness, and not too annoying, a balance of iconoclasts and spiritual materialists.  Really welcome mix of ages.

This is not affiliated to New Monasticism movement but we welcome a participant from that background.

Day starts and ends with hour long meditation. 3 x vegetarian meals per day. Silence except in the afternoons.  3 hours in the morning planting seedlings/ weeding and other menial mindful-nesses outdoors.  Plenty of walks time and reading time and drowsy time and every second day discussion of what works, what might work.  Meal prep & wash-up done by the group on rota basis with chef guiding.

By conclusion some sense of how a conTemporary Monastery might be/ might pop or prop up – if its time is right or not.  Should it be constant or occasional ?  Where might it be ? Should there be singing or hardly a note?  Some link to tradition or none ?  Examples of similar ideas from the past that tried, failed, flourished.  How to handle the odd human.  What rules should it have and not have?

COST: €360    Accommodation quite communal & rustic.  Camping possible.  Minimum 12 people / Maximum 18

CONTACT: Colum via email Subject cM  

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