Unbelievable Monastery Experiment con Temporary Monastery

Saturday 16th to Sunday 24 June, 2018                                              at The Gyreum EcoCentre

Seeking invaluable participants for this experiment in non faith monastic living – with working title


Just nine days –  no vows nor faith required.

An incubation time to discuss and cherry pick how a non faith monastery might function; albeit it pops up once or twice a year.

We invite sound minds to live in half silence, eat well, do some garden work, get rest and every second day tease out what works – what doesn’t.

Not seeking like-minded – but folk from different walks of life ideally with reasonable levels of self awareness, and not too annoying, a balance of iconoclasts and spiritual materialists.  This is not affiliated to New Monasticism movement but we welcome a participant from that background.

Day starts and ends with hour long meditation. 3 x vegetarian meals per day. Silence except in the afternoons.  3 hours in the morning planting seedslings/ weeding and other menial mindful-nesses outdoors.  Plenty of walks time and reading time and drowsy time and every second day discussion of what works, what might work.  Cooking & wash-up done by the group on rota basis with chef guiding.

By conclusion some sense of how an Unbelievable Monastery might be/ might pop-up – if its time is right or not.  Should it be constant or occasional ?  Where might it be ? Should there be singing or hardly a note?  Some link to tradition or none ? How to handle the odd human.  What rules should it have and not have?

COST: €490      Accommodation quite communal & rustic.   Minimum 12 people / Maximum 18

CONTACT: Colum via email info@gyreum.com Subject UM  

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