DISCO e CULTURA special: Afro-latino-ry dancin’ in tandem with The Dock, CK-on-Shannon

11-13 May 2018

Special weekend for those who assume mid May means a modicum of warmth.

To assure warmth any amount of dancing at the Dock down the road on the Saturday night.  Kickoff 10pm  Latin American / Caribbean/ East African.

Please email info@gyreum.com to reserve single bed €25 for one night / €45 for two nights.  or  Double room – same odds per person.

– price includes breakfast morning mingau (big bowl o Brasilian sweetcorn porridge  nuts n berries ) + coffee

Miscellaneous: 3 course dinner on the Saturday €19.50 / entry ticket to Dock for DISCO e CULTURA €10  / €9  return ticket in 18 seater minibus but car pooling also possible on the night

Disco É Cultura are back for another vinyl-only party focusing on the music of Latin America, East Africa & the Caribbean Islands.

Good vibes & great, great grooves are guaranteed.

After the brilliant night of musc we had last time we’ve invited Disco É  Cultura AKA crate digging DJs Mick t-woc & Jeremy Murphy.  Good vibes and great, great grooves

Well known as two of Ireland’s leading diggers of Brazilian, Latin American, Afro & Caribbean music. Mick and Jeremy are constantly travelling and on the hunt for previously undiscovered and exciting rhythms to add to their continually evolving sets of deep, beautiful and rarely heard music from around the globe. They have played all over the world, from fancy clubs in Istanbul to squats in Berlin to Favellas in Rio, and their monthly Sunday yard parties in both the Bernard Shaw in Dublin & the Vicarstown in Cork, are fast becoming the stuff of musical legend.

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