The Gyreum’s  been described as ‘a wooden UFO that landed on the rural hillside’, a ‘Christmas pudding’ and a ‘pastiche of the the 5000 year-old cairns that dot the hills of Southern Sligo’.  With so much space and being so visually striking, the obvious choice was to open it up as accommodation. What kind of accommodation exactly, was much less clear.  Somewhere between a lodge, a hostel and a solid circus tent.  It sleeps 30 and its 50 foot diametre centre hall can roof a conference, retreat or wedding party of max. 100 people.  There is 6 bedded dorm, a five bedded dorm, a four bedded loft dorm for the agile, 2 double rooms and 9 x curtained cubicles about inner hall’s circumference.  Same room has 2 x extra beds

Our inner circle makes for great atmos for:

ReTREATS  “a meditation about Gyreum’s hearth turns two hours into twenty minutes”

VERY SPECIAL CELEBRATIONS modest weddings, not too rowdy birthday celebrations ( for the over 35s )

WORKSHOPS – weekend or week long with lots of breakaway spaces and 2.5 acres of play ground


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