Somewhere between a lodge, a hostel and a solid circus tent, THE GYREUM sleeps 30, its 50 foot diametre centre hall can roof a conference, retreat or wedding party of max. 90 people.  There is 6 bedded dorm, a five bedded dorm, a four bedded loft dorm for the agile, 2 double rooms and 9 x curtained cubicles about inner hall’s circumference.  An adjoining separate space can be used for retreat leaders etc.

Our inner circle hall above  makes is brilliant team building space:

ReTREATS  “a meditation about Gyreum’s hearth turns two hours into twenty minutes”

VERY SPECIAL CELEBRATIONS medium sized green good value weddings, not too rowdy birthday celebrations ( for the over 35s ): “best wedding we were ever at” groom’s mum’s comment  re C&R wedding December 2017

WORKSHOPS – weekend or week long with lots of breakaway spaces and 2.5 acres of play ground


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