The GYREUM seeks new KEEPER
The Gyreum is circular for good reason, as each of its 360 degree views demands attention.  Each of its three entries leading into its “Great Round People’s Hall” are aligned to solar events.
It sits on an aptly named townland of a hill: Corlisheen, ‘the roundel of the little fort,’ though this latter day round enclave is hardly short of 100 feet in diametre.  The Gyreum took two years to build.  Its massive posts and beams are larch from a renewable wood, locally sourced.  Much of her thick insulation is guaranteed recycled, lined with sheep’s wool.  Its aerodynamic shape catches little wind, its wind turbine catches much wind.  Its large south facing windows and wee northern ones make for a huge yet cosy den feel.  When temperatures drop without, the geothermal heating hidden beneath its  4200 square feet of flooring keeps a very toasty ambience, boosted by its central hearth.   There has been much tree planting on the 2.54 acres of land over the past years so lots of cover for birds and lovely sense of privacy.  As there are often groups staying at the Gyreum we have an evolved a method of effluent cleansing with reed, bulrush and much willow across consecutive ponds. The groups love the big round society of the Hall and the hot showers from the soft rain water harvest.
The Gyreum over its fourteen year history has had four TV programmes made about in four countries. It was dubbed TOP unusual place to stay in Europe in Ryanair’s inflight magazine.  It has hosted innumerable workshops, retreats.  With its stunning acoustics it has roofed a thirty piece acoustic guitar orchestra, KILA came to invent new tunes, alternative medical conferences for doctors were held annually, much yoga,  music gatherings, birthdays, meditations ( that trickily seem shorter than they were ). It was put forward by Sligo County Council and was one of four finalists for the LAMA awards for  “Most Ecological Building.”  School groups have come to view it – seeing it as “a house of the future.”  Architect students have come on retreat here.  A green architect dubbed The Gyreum the “most extraordinary building in Ireland.”
Its three entries are aligned to three solstice events, themselves each lined up with:
1.  Queen Maeve’s Cairn atop Knocknarae, for Summer Sundown Solstice
2  with the cairn of Trian McMurtagh at Carrowkeel, for Winter Sundown Solstice
3. For Winter Sun-up, and closest Si Liu Cairn on the north face of the battle ground of Moytura where Liu Lamh Fhada slew Balor.   Ireland’s Illiad, An Cath Maigh Tuaireadh that inspired George Lucas’s STAR WARS Luke Sky Walker = Lu, Balor = Darth Vader.
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