Mongolian Fire Ceremony 24 August, 2018 @7pm

Friday 24th August 2018 

Presentation 7-8:30 pm  about Mongolia /Mongolian Shamanism, Fire Talk and Group Ceremony to connect to the Ancestors.

Fire Ceremony 8:30pm – 10:30pm for Ancestors and deceased Loved ones.  If you wish to attend this, Uuduu has asked that you bring the items listed below to make your offerings to Your Ancestors.

What to bring to the Fire Ceremony 
1. 3 pieces of wood/kindling –  these represent the Past, Present and Future
2. Natural Cloth of (100% cotton/silk/linen/wool) New strips of 5 colours : Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White to represent Fire, Sun,      Grass, Sky and Water.  These need to be 30 cm long  X  2 cm wide this has to be New material to Honour the Ancestors).
3. Alcohol (vodka/whisky) small bottle, some milk.
4. Melted butter (we call this shar tos which is made of milk skim). We found this very hard to purchase last year, Uuduu has                    said, Kerrygold Butter is fine for us to bring.
5. Herbs and Incenses to burn like Sage, Lavender,Cedar etc .
6. You can bring some offerings to your ancestor or deceased ones (We usually bring sweets or biscuits, could be some small items) 
7. If you are a Shaman you can bring your own tools, instruments.
Suggested Donation €50  – In Mongolia, people Donate a Sheep, Horse or Cow as an Energy Exchange for the work of the Shaman with the Fire Ceremony! 

Suggested Donation for Students and unemployed €40 

We will have food to share after the fire ceremony, if you wish to bring something savoury or sweet to share, it would be much appreciated.
If you wish to attend this, please confirm your place by texting Deirdre @ 087 4157541 or on FB Messenger

Please register from 6pm so we can start promptly at 7pm

The Gyreum is spot on for this sort of event as its design is inspired by the Mongolia ger – with the fire in the middle, the sleeping about the sides and its being circular and round about are horses and more horses.

ACCOMMODATION:  Stay the weekend €35 B&B Fri 24th / or Fri + Saturday €65     Send your reservation details: how many folk and how many nights to



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