MOYTURA PROJECT @ GYREUM, Sligo;  a not for profit dedicated to low tech environmental problem solving came into being in Spring 2015 as a culmination of the previous 12 years of environmental education activities at The Gyreum Eco Centre, Sligo: a mix of national and international workshops related to easy-ish means of energy creation, organic food production in a dodgy climate and economic + natural dwelling construction.

MOYTURA PROJECT, The Liberties, Dublin 8 

We have now expanded to the Liberties in Dublin where we are

– short term creating a round the clock Meditation Space and Silent Cafe – latter supplied from workshops we run in tandem with existing Community Gardens around Dublin 8W

– medium term expanding garden growing and creating above and adjacent to Silent Cafe, Monastic Cell type accommodation, put a dent in the housing crisis,

– expanding long term to create what we provisionally refer to as The Unbelievable Monastery, a virtual latter day monastic style live-in system with service to the community a key ingredient of each day

Call to our office: 49 Thomas Street, Dublin 8. Tel: 01 4020125 or email

PICTURES (clockwise) of completed straw clay econospace workshop overseen by Peter Cowman of Shelter Maker, Team Building workshop, wind turbine workshop at Gyreum led by Hugh Piggot

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