MOYTURA PROJECT – not4profit

Moytura Project (MP) is a not-for-profit organisation based at the Gyreum Eco Centre.

HERBS x 365: is its ongoing project to remember, name, propagate, scientifically clarify & assure benefits of 365 native varieties of medicinal herbs, once the bedrock of ancient health practice in Ireland.

We seek between NOW until December 2020 VET groups for 2 occasionally 3 week periods of work experience, a mix of tough physical work and lots of learning. Our focus is on propagation of medicinal herbs, our goal is primarily propagation but of equal importance is to put science to the myriad unknowns that surround herbal variables.

Part of the bigger remit  is to understand if herb growing can prove beneficial to the rural economy in areas where the land is not great. From experience we seek participants from Agriculture and Horticulture Colleges around Europe.
These are our dates 2019-2020
2-20 December 2019
18 March – 8 April 2020 three week run
17-29 May 2020
12-25 July 2020
16-29 August 2020
11-23 October 2020

  • SPONSOR THE ONGOING PROPAGATION OF YOUR CHOSEN HERB  You can adopt an individual plant for €100 per annum for ten years or one off €1000 (latter method includes sole use of 30 bed Gyreum for 48 hours )
MP has hosted different pan European Erasmus/ Work Experience and Life Long Learning + Non Formal Learning type events. We now know what works best for those who want to sample our example and for us: pictured completed straw clay econospace workshop overseen by Peter Cowman of Shelter Maker, Team Building workshop, Development Per-spective, Wind Turbine workshop at Gyreum led by Hugh Piggot

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