The Gyreum eco-lodge was built by 50 year-old Dubliner Colum Stapleton twelve years ago. It’s been described as ‘a wooden UFO that landed on the rural hillside’, a ‘Christmas pudding’ and a
‘pastiche of the 5000 year-old cairns that dot the hills of Southern Sligo’.

With so much space and being so visually striking, the obvious choice was to open it up as accommodation. What kind of accommodation exactly, was much less clear.

Somewhere between a lodge, a hostel and a bed and breakfast, the Gyreum is difficult to categorise – but it’s certainly a brilliant place to experience.

The Gyreum merges into South Sligo’s rolling countryside, overlooking Lough Arrow near Castlebaldwin. It sits atop its own hill, surrounded by a cluster of others, most of which are topped by megalithic cairns, latter-day astronomically aligned structures.

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